Check out these awesome video testimonies for Danilo Lopez! Stop Danilo's Deportation! No More Deportations! Immigration Reform NOW!

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New Film "Hide" Takes Us Inside the Lives of Vermont's Migrant Workers Struggles for Dignity

Hide Trailer from elori kramer on Vimeo.

“If you are drinking milk in the morning or in the night. Don’t forget that me and thousands and thousands of guys are milking the cows for you.”--Bernadino Hernandez in "Hide"

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You Can't Jail Hope! Watch our new Video about the detention of Migrant Justice leader Eliazar Martinez Garcia who was followed by Border Patrol from his health care visit in Richford! Take Action!

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Stop (in)Secure Communities from Coming to Vermont: Video Shows Obama's Broken Promises As He Surpasses Bush in Immigrant Deportations!

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News Channel 5 Story: "VT Migrant Farm Workers Decry Immigration Crackdown: Gov. Shumlin Asked to Intervene

VTMFSP goes to the Allied Media Conference

Natalia and Danilo from VTMFSP joined Sarah, Meghan, Mecedes and Denise of the Vermont Workers Center to attend the Allied Media Conference (AMC)in Detroit last month.

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Inside the Dairy Crisis with Farmer and Journalist John Bunting

In this interview New York dairy farmer and independent journalist John Bunting walks us through the history of the ideas, institutions and polices that have systematically destroyed family dairy farms in Vermont. John's holistic and historical analysis demonstrate how policies promoting industrial large scale agriculture, free trade, and economic globalization have marginalized the family farmer and enriched and empowered corporations like Dean Foods enabling them to control 80% of the Northeast Dairy market.

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VT Migrant Farmworker Solidarity Project Kicks off State Wide Tour of documentary film Silenced Voices

More about our documentary film "Silenced Voices"

Contact us to host a viewing at or purchase the film here with accompanying educational resources Donate Page

About Silenced Voices
Migrant Farmworker José Obeth Santiz Cruz was killed in a farming accident in December 2009 in Vermont. The VT Migrant Farmworker Solidarity Project sent a delegation to Mexico to return his remains and document his family and community coming to terms with his death and sharing stories about the causes, effects, and their experiences of migration. Their stories draw attention to the conditions and economic policies that force migrants from their homes in Mexico and suggest a need for a new dialogue about the root causes of migration.

Produced and Directed by Gustavo Terán, Brendan O’Neill and Sam Mayfield for the VT Migrant Farmworker Solidarity Project

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